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Counseling and psychotherapy

David Sarnoff started college at Harvard in 1968 as a mathematics major and graduated with honors in general studies in 1975. He later went to the University of Kentucky, where he earned his M.S. in 1978 and his Ph.D. in 1982, both in counseling psychology. Since then, he has lived in Charleston, South Carolina, where he has maintained a private practice. He has taught in a master’s in counseling program at Webster University since 1988 and since 2000, has been on the faculty of Capella University, teaching psychology to M.S., Ph.D., and Psy.D. learners. He also plays flute and sax with various jazz, blues, and rock combos around the Charleston area.



Here I am in Vancouver getting ready to present a paper at a conference.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, B.A. in Mathematics, 1975
University of Kentucky, Lexington, M.S. in Counseling Psychology, 1978

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, 1982
Indiana University, Bloomington, Full Time Clinical Internship, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Center, 1981-1982

Harvard University B.A. Cum Laude in General Studies, 1975
University of Kentucky

       Research Foundation Fellowship Award, 1977-1978
       Haggan Fellowship Awards, 1979 & 1980
Appointed a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation, 1988
Appointed a Fellow of the Academy of Counseling Psychology, 1996
Publication Award from Capella University, 2006

Licensed to practice Psychology in South Carolina
Specialty area - Counseling, License Number 338, January, 1984

Licensed Supervisor for Professional Counselors in South Carolina
License Number 930, May, 1988

Board Certified in Counseling Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Diploma Number 4516, 1995

Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, and as an Approved Consultant by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 1997

1988-Present:    Director and private practice counseling psychologist, Counseling Psychology Center, Charleston, South Carolina.
1985-88:           Private practice psychologist, Center for Change, North Charleston, South Carolina.
1984-88:           Private practice psychologist, Peak Performance Center, James Island, South Carolina.
1983-84:           Group Therapist for Stress Management at the Family Practice office of Alan Abel, M.D., Charleston, South Carolina

1982-88:           Psychologist, Bariatric Medicine Center, Charleston, South Carolina.

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