Sarnoff & Sarnoff

Counseling and psychotherapy

Pepper Sarnoff is a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist in private practice in Charleston, South Carolina. She attended the University of Kentucky in Lexington, completing a master’s degree in social and philosophical studies in education in 1982. After working as a patient educator and program administrator for the Center for Environmental Medicine, she earned her master’s degree in counseling from Webster University in 1992. With a lifelong passion for the power of creativity and the mind-body connection, she assists individuals, couples, and groups in making positive changes to enhance their well-being. She is a facilitator for theWell-Springs program, which uses music, movement, and expressive techniques to release the joy within, and she is a founding member of Lifedance, a group that uses movement to explore themes of everyday living.


Pepper is too busy helping her clients to do much with her web page, yet she always has time for one more person.  Call her at 556-8503 with your questions or to get on her waiting list for an appointment.  Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful photos.

Pepper Sarnoff, M.S., M.A.